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Chaox Is Back

Shan "Chaox" Huang was kicked out of Team Solo Mid (TSM) in late March last year, 2013, and has since taken the time to relax and get his head in the game, whilst staying with his family.

Huang seems to have decided that it is time to get back on that horse and come back to the North American (NA) League of Legends (LoL) Championship Series (LCS) in a new team and as a coach. Team Coast has come back with a re-vamped line-up after the round of eight in the Challenger Series.

The previous line-up managed to bring them into the semi-finals which will be held on Sunday and Monday this week. The games will start at approximately 10am, after the NA LCS. It is Team Coast’s hope that they will make it into the NA LCS for next season, with their current roster, to take on the best of the best that NA can offer. The line-up will consist of:

  • Keenan 'Rhux' Santos – Top Lane
  • Greyson 'Goldenglue' Gilmer – Mid Lane
  • Lucas 'Santorin' Larsen – Jungle
  • Brandon 'DontMashMe' Phan – ADC
  • Jaime 'Sheep' Gallagher – Support
  • Shan 'Chaox' Huang – Coach

The announcement was made on the Team Coast website and thanked the players that got them through the round of eight but were unable to stay in the core line-up.

It is hopeful that Huang has learnt from his mistakes in TSM and takes them with him on the new and exciting journey of coaching a professional LoL team.

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