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Best YouTube Channels to Improve Your LoL Play

There are many different ways to improve your skill in League of Legends (LoL) such as practicing with a new champion until you know him/her very well or going back and watching your recordings to see where you went wrong. One of the easiest ways to improve your skill is by watching and learning from people that are more skilled than you.

There are many different YouTube channels that claim to make you better at LoL, and some of them are really good at giving sound advice to prospective or struggling players. Here is a list of some great YouTube channels that can help you, whether you are stuck in Bronze V or trying to get to Challenger.


This is the channel for UNSW LoL Society. They are a student society based in the University of New South Wales. Their Leaguecraft 101 series is a set of lectures created and delivered by PhRoXzOn. They are helpful lectures aimed at players below and including Platinum level. They teach you everything you need to know from basic lane mechanics to how to carry your team. They are a great source of knowledge and will most likely be able to help a lot of Summoners. You can find their channel here.


This channel gives a lot of great advice on how to play the game through being a better player yourself. It gives a lot of psychological advice when it comes to the game as well as focuses on helping you to achieve the type of Summoner you would like to be. You can check the channel here.


This channel was made by a player that is currently in the Challenger Tier. He helps players through explaining his own experiences and gives great insight into the game itself. He also offers private lessons, which you can book through his “about” page, where he will specifically look at your game and try to help you find where you need improvement. You can find his channel here.


This channel helps people with guides, commentaries, tips, tricks and montages focused around bottom and middle lanes. At the moment a lot of people seem to be struggling as a result of the changes and this channel might help you overcome your hurdles and become more skilled. You can find the channel here.

There are also some professionals that enjoy streaming and helping other players become better at their specific roles. For instance, Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco has made a sort of mini-series where he goes through each jungle champions, showing his masteries, runes and how to build them. He also commentates on his play-style and what he should and shouldn’t be doing.

It is always good to go and check out some of the professional streamers to see if they are giving advice on their lanes. A lot of the time they are just fooling around, but you can find that they are able to give great insight into the game.

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