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Unforeseen Circumstances Leads to Interesting LoL Game

With the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) match between iM'Unleash and GooN SquaD having been set for Sunday, 16 February, it was a little strange to see that they were given a tie in the ladder.

As it states in the rules, the LoL DGL is a best-of-three format and all three games should be played, especially if there is a draw. Unfortunately the teams were unable to play the third game before the match deadline and had agreed to play today, Tuesday 18 February, unfortunately for them, this is not how the DGL works and it is hopeful that they submitted a ticket asking for an extension. If they had not the results will stand as is.

This is a bit of a blow to iM'Unleash as they strive to beat the undefeated DGL Champions, eN.Re Vera. The teams were in the finals during the Telkom Do Gaming Championships and the games were quite close. At the time the spectators believed that iM'Unleash were the team that would eventually beat this LoL powerhouse.

At the moment iM'Unleash and GooN SquaD are tied for second place, just under the undefeated eN.Re Vera team. iM'Unleash and eN.Re Vera will have their rematch in Week Six of the DGL Summer Leg, and it promises to be an interesting game.

Players are reminded that this week, Week Three, is the Transfer Window and it is at this time that changes are allowed to be made within the teams. If you are unsure about the rules behind the Transfer Window, you can go read them here.

Players are also reminded that they should play their pick n plays as soon as possible so as not to get flustered in the last few weeks of the Summer Leg.

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