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U.F.G [EnD] Leading the First Division

Week Five in the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg has just begun and it seems that teams are starting to push for the pole position.

U.F.G [EnD] has made it to the top of the log, in the First Division, after playing five games. They have a bye this week as A2P Black Hawks has been retired from the First Division but they have already played one of their pick n plays.

The pick n play between U.F.G [EnD] and [DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ was scheduled and played on Saturday 22 February at 8pm. U.F.G [EnD] was able to win both games and as a result has secured a four point lead.

Many of the teams still have to play Week Five’s match and there are a few teams tied for second place. Two of the teams that are currently tied for second place will have to battle it out amongst each other this week, proving which of them should still be in the running for the second place finish. RMDD.LoL and CritTical Thinking will be facing each other this week, although a date and time has not yet been agreed to.

Including this week, there are only four weeks left for the teams to show their worth and try to get into the LoL DGL 2014 Summer Leg Playoffs which will happen before the LoL DGL 2014 Winter Leg starts. The teams will really need to put in the time if they want to make it into the Premier Division next leg.

Teams are reminded that the pick n plays must also be played before the end of the Summer Leg and are urged to play them as soon as possible so that stress levels don’t get too high. If you are having a problem with organising your matches on the match threads, here is a handy guide that could potentially help you.

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