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MaDJabberwocky Takes the Mid or Feed Finals

After quite an intense Mid or Feed League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Insta-Clash Cup (ICC), MaDJabberwocky managed to best all the teams to take the title of Mid or Feed Champions.

MaDJabberwocky started off the Mid or Feed ICC with a bye into the quarter finals where they went up against =[GvD]= [GamaVoid]. The match was played on Friday, 28 March at 7:30pm. MaDJabberwocky was able to take both of the games played, kicking =[GvD]= [GamaVoid] out of the ICC and moved through to the semi-finals.

MaDJabberwocky had a harder time against DmiGods of League, the game was played on Wednesday, 2 April at 8pm. The match was close with DmiGods of League winning one of the three games played. By winning, MaDJabberwocky moved into the finals and DmiGods of League were relegated to the third place match, where they forfeit to NvS.Titans.

The finals were quite interesting as MaDJaberwocky went up against clan mates MaDRed Knights. After a simple time at organising the game; it was on Thursday, 3 April at 8pm, that the two teams went up against each other. MaDJaberwocky was able to take the finals, kicking their clan mates into second place.

“The thing about ARAM, it’s all about the team compositions. It was very exciting to see that we will play against one of our own teams but it wasn’t something new. We scrim them every week and the week before the ICC we lost against them so we were like ‘whoa’.” Says Anneke "Zania" Le Roux, captain and manager of MaDJabberwocky

The Mid or Feed ICC took place over the end of the 2014 Summer Leg and made things a little more difficult to organise as both league games would have to be played. According to Le Roux, “we [MaDJabberwocky] tried to finish all our DGL games as soon as possible, which we achieved, and then once that was done we started practicing ARAM matches.”

After some very interesting games on the Howling Abyss, the Mid or Feed cup is over and now teams must start registering for the Winter Leg of the LoL DGL. It is hopeful that there will be another LoL ICC in the near future as teams go through the Summer Playoffs to climb the DGL ladder. For those that did not make it, this makes for an easier time to take part in upcoming ICC’s.

The 2014 League of Legends Telkom Do Gaming League is sponsored by Razer.

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