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LoLPro Hosts Another EUW Tournament

15 February marks the next League of Legends LoLPro tournament on the Europe West (EUW) server. The last time they hosted a tournament on EUW, there were not very many people registered and even fewer people actually played.

There is space for 1024 people. Of course this is a 1v1 tournament so the numbers are quite low in comparison to 5v5 tournaments. There are already approximately 550 people participating in the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) alone and this is for the entire EUW server.

The brackets will be released just after sign in on Friday 15 February. Participants will be randomly and evenly divided into four different brackets, or divisions. The winner of each division will move on to the semi-finals. There will be prizes for the top three players. First place will receive $250 (R2 763.25), second place will get $150 (R1 657.95) and third place will receive $100 (R1 105.30).

The rules are as follows:

  • You must go mid lane against your opponent.

  • Jungle is off limits and is considered out of bounds.

  • All sections of the map that aren't mid lane (or the bushes parallel to the lane) are considered out of bounds.

  • If you are in a fight with your opponent you are allowed to go anywhere on the map, but that is the only time. For example, flashing over walls, etc. Your opponent is allowed to chase you, but you cannot kill enemy minions on purpose.

  • You are allowed to go back to base and buy.

  • Going out of bounds can potentially be grounds for disqualification. If your opponent screenshots you taking a jungle camp you are disqualified. All jungle camps are out of bounds. There isn’t a creep score (CS) win condition so stay in lane unless you're in a fight.

To win players must get first blood or destroy and enemy tower. Lobbies will be made by the players. In the lobby, each player will ban four champions. There must be a screenshot of the bans so that if a banned champion is picked the person will be disqualified.

For more information on the map rules as well as stoppage of play, you can go to the LoLPro website.

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