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LoL Winter Provisional Results

The League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg has come to a close and while the admins finalise all the results, the players wait, some anxiously to see if they will be moved out of or into the relegation/promotion bracket. So far the standings are as follows:

Premier Division:

  • eN.Re Vera finished in first place, still not dropping a match, although having dropped a game to iM'RAPTUM gaining the full 28 points.
  • iM'RAPTUM sits in second place with their only loss to eN.Re Vera after a very close game, pushing them three points off the first place finish.
  • U.F.G [EnD] finished off in third place with 22 points.
  • ReN~Veneration is in fourth place with 19 points.
  • LoF | #swag finished in fifth place with 12 points, coming very close to the relegation bracket.
  • CritTical Thinking managed to get out of the relegation bracket, by one place, sitting in sixth place with 10 points.
  • RMDD.LoL will be taking part in the Winter Leg Playoffs if the finalising of all results does not push them up.
  • MaDJabberwocky fins themselves in eighth place with nine points, and will be taking part in the Winter Leg Playoffs.
  • PsyApe Legend has retired.

First Division:

The following are the teams that would be taking part in the Winter Leg Playoffs, whether in the promotion or relegation groups. The teams in first through fourth places will be in the promotion group while teams in seventh through tenth will be in the relegation group.

Promotion Group:

  • [TE]GLHF
  • [FLG]Kings
  • [BISH]House Lannister
  • ventus.LoL
  • ApG.Kung-Fu Penta
  • NFall NightFall
  • HCEtheDonger
  • ||Ag||Kings

Relegation Group:

  • U.F.G ACE
  • eSpera.LoL
  • 7EL Nitro Legion
  • MM Mediocre Men

Open Division:

The teams that placed first through fourth in all four groups in the Open Division will be taking part in the Winter Leg Playoffs, to take a chance at being promoted to the First Division.

Promotion Group:
  • iFG.Benched Gods
  • nAv | Paranoia
  • MaDRed Knight
  • ICD.Deicide
  • NvS.Invoke
  • TEGELTots
  • LSG-lol
  • |ALG|Withered Bane
  • MaDAbsolem
  • WRG][Supremecy
  • NvS.Legionnaires
  • CTE Who Fed Soraka
  • MaDRutledge
  • [dM]Chaotix
  • RyzeAgainst
  • -TmA-Pure Force

For more information on the First and Open (A and B, C and D) Divisions, you can head on over to the DGL website.

It has come to the attention of the DGL admins that there was a problem when submitting rosters, whereby submitting a roster second; the one that was there first would be blanked out. They are urging teams to go back and check all their match threads to make sure that their rosters were submitted properly and if not, to re-submit them. There was an extension given, until Friday 18 July, to rectify this as it was a bug with the website. If your core players, through your roster submissions, are not listed on the DGL website you could lose your seeding and worse, a spot in the Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC).

Please note that this extension is not for the purpose of playing matches, and those submissions will not be counted in the final results.

The 2014 League of Legends Telkom Do Gaming League is sponsored by Razer.

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