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LoL Transfer Window has Ended

Week Three of the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg was a well-needed time for some teams. Week Three enabled teams to rearrange themselves and bring in new players.

This did not help 12VBatteriesNotInc as they had to retire in Week Three. During the first two weeks, the team had to forfeit their games due to some unforeseen circumstances which, unfortunately, were not completely sorted out during the Transfer Window.

It is not only unfortunate but sad when a Premier Division is unable to continue. These teams are the best in South Africa and as a result could easily get sponsored to play. Week Four is upon us, however, and it is time to see what the rest of the Premier Division teams are capable of.

This week we will see first and second place teams, eN.Re Vera and GooN SquaD respectively, going head to head to find out which of them are the best. It will be interesting to see how things plan out as GooN SquaD lost a player to eN.Re Vera rivals, iM'Unleash.

The featured matchup of the Summer Leg will take place in Week Six, the next Transfer Window, and will see iM'Unleash taking on eN.Re Vera to try and break their winning streak.

eN.Re Vera has currently won every single match they have played since the beginning of the 2013 DGL Summer Leg and it will be great to see which team will manage to take down this LoL powerhouse.

With teams starting to break from the pack, it will be nice to see how the changes effect the positions of teams on the ladder. For a quick look at how things are going, you can head on over to the LoL page on the DGL website.

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