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LoL Playoff Results Finalised

Both the Premier and Breakthrough Playoffs have been finalised and now teams will know for a fact who will take the open spots within the Premier and First Divisions.

The Premier Playoffs saw a few teams retire, but even so the remaining teams played their games and will be moved to their respective divisions. If all the teams register for the Winter Leg, the Premier Division will consist of the following teams:

  • eN.Re Vera
  • iM'Unleash
  • GooN SquaD
  • ReN~Renegades
  • MaDJabberwocky
  • DC.LoL
  • CritTical Thinking
  • PsyApe Legend
  • [Y!A]Hydra
  • U.F.G [EnD]

The Breakthrough Playoffs saw a lot more action. There will be quite a few teams taking part in the First Division, if all the teams register for the Winter Leg. The First Division will consist of the following players:

  • ATG'A
  • TcR #YoloSquad
  • VTG Void Tactics
  • [dM]Chaotix
  • NFall NightFall
  • nAv | Thunder
  • ||Ag||Kings
  • nAv | fish fingers
  • zXc™Kung-Fu Penta
  • [NSD]Endurance
  • CfDLopsided Grin
  • vTs1
  • [FLG]Kings
  • A2P Dongers
  • NAMisl Welcomes You
  • [TE]GLHF
  • puLse.Elucid
  • LoF | #swag
  • RMDD.LoL

The teams are reminded that there is a new Core Players rule that needs to be upheld if they are thinking about shuffling people around in their team. The rule is stated as follows:

Team managers now have to submit the rosters of the game along with the results of the game. The system then totals who played the most games. When the leg ends, we will then use the totals to calculate the Core players. Your Core Players will be the top 3 Players.
To find out who your core players are, do the following:
  • Go to your Clan Profile
  • Click on Clan History
  • When viewing this page, you will then be able to see who your Core Players are.

If you are thinking about switching clans before the Winter Leg, here is how you keep it legal and get to keep your seeding.

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