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LoL Open Division Teams on the Final Stretch

It is three weeks until the end of the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg and the teams in the Open Division have been striving towards the ever-tougher job of making it into the Winter Playoffs.

There have been a few substantial changes to LoL over the past week and it is increasingly difficult to make a name for yourself as a “team to beat”. There are a few teams that are currently standing out from the rest, after going undefeated so far. There are four groups within the Open Division and in each group there is at least one team that has not lost a match, these teams are in the top three in each group.

Group A:

  • iFG.Benched Gods is undefeated, going 6-0 so far in the Winter Leg, grabbing first place.
  • nAv | Paranoia is in second place after winning all five of their games played so far.
  • ICDDeicide is in third place after going 4-2 in the five weeks that have been finished.

Group B:

  • NvS.Invoke has won all five games they have played, beating out their opponents for the first place position.
  • TEGELTots’ only loss has been to NvS.Invoke, pushing them into second place.
  • |ALG|Withered Bane is in third place after managing to win four out of their five games.

Group C:

  • NvS.Legionnaires currently holds the top spot after their five game winning streak was ended last night.
  • MaDAbsolem are undefeated and only one point away from first place.
  • CTE Who Fed Soraka are holding out in third place after winning four out of six games.

Group D:

  • [dM]Chaotix are in first place with a six game winning streak.
  • MaDRutledge hold second place after a 4-1 run.
  • RyzeAgainst have won all their games so far and are looking towards the top spot as they play first place team, [dM]Chaotix, next week.

Teams are reminded about the new booking rules as well as the fact that rosters must be submitted before the end of each week so that teams do not face penalties. Managers must submit rosters and scores before Sunday at 11:55pm every week. For a full look at the results logs for each group, you can go to their respective pages, Group A and B, Group C and D, on the DGL website.

The 2014 League of Legends Telkom Do Gaming League is sponsored by Razer.

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