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LoL NoPro ICC Has Begun

The League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Valentine’s NoPro Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) started on Monday, 17 February, giving players two days to play their first game.

There is only one match that still needs to be played. The match will see 'FF'Forfeit Front taking on [TE] we Be Squishy. The game is scheduled for tonight, 19 February, between 8 and 9pm. The winner of this match will be taking on HCEtheDonger in the semi-finals.

In round one, TDS Prime Evils beat out Might'stirvykurvy. It was a close game with TDS Prime Evils taking the first game, Might'stirvykurvy taking the second game and TDS Prime Evils coming back and winning the third.

The second game played was between zXc™Kung-Fu Penta and <NBZ>Flying Dutchmen. zXc™Kung-Fu Penta were able to take two games back-to-back and as a result moved on to the semi-final round where they will take on TDS Prime Evils.

The third game played saw FOKOF911 try to take on HCEtheDonger. Unfortunately, the game was not scheduled on the match thread and therefore it is not known whether FOKOF911 forfeit the game or they got beaten by HCEtheDonger.

The semi-finals will be starting tomorrow, 20 February, and teams have until Saturday, 22 February, to play the game. This might be a little bit difficult as teams still have to play their official DGL matches for the week and it is hopeful that they will manage to play all the games that need to be played.

The LoL DGL 2014 Summer Leg is currently in Week Three, which doubles as the Transfer Window. Teams are reminded that this is one of two times that changes can be made and at the end of the week, the rosters will once again be locked.

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