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LoL NoPro ICC Finals

The League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) NoPro Valentine’s edition Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) has made its way into the final stage, with the third place game already having been played.

With the semi-finals taking place between 20 February and 22 February, we saw how 'FF'Forfeit Front beat out HCEtheDonger for their berth into the finals while zXc™Kung-Fu Penta beat out TDS Prime Evils. The losers then went on to play the third place match.

The third place match saw HCEtheDonger manage to beat out TDS Prime Evils in a 2-0 match. It is important to say that currently HCEtheDonger is tied for second place in Group E of the DGL Open Division while TDS Prime Evils is not in the DGL currently.

The finalists have until Friday, 28 February to play their game, even though it seems that the teams are struggling to come to a decision on when to play. Unfortunately there will be no extension to the deadline as teams were warned throughout that it will be a very high paced and demanding schedule if they signed up for it.

It is hopeful that the teams are able to play the match as zXc™Kung-Fu Penta is in first place within Group F of the DGL Open Division and although this is 'FF'Forfeit Front’s first DGL event, their captain, Gary 'Comrade Mugabe' Wawn, has taken part in the LoL DGL Premier Division in the past year as he was in Leash.LoL.

It will be fascinating to see if 'FF'Forfeit Front will decide to come into the LoL DGL in the Winter Leg and if it depends on the outcome of this game.

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