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LoL First Division Fighting for Spot in Prem

It is coming closer and closer to the Playoff stage and teams are battling it out to try and get a spot in the Premier Playoffs or stay out of relegation.

Group A is having the hardest time of trying to take a solid lead with all three of the top teams on 17 points and the team in fourth place is on 16 with one less game played. It is really coming down to the wire as teams fervently set up and try to knock down their next opponents.

Group B has more of a substantial lead going on with three points separating first and second and then one point separating second from both third and fourth placed teams. With one retirement in each group and a few teams having forfeited their games so far in Group B, things have gotten a little hairy when it comes to the difference in points that should have happened by now. This just shows that it is never easy to pre-determine how the legs are going to end.

This week has also been the transfer period and should have made it possible for those teams who have been unable to play, to get in some new blood that is more reliable than their current players. This might just save those teams from relegation, but it is a tough situation to be in.

At the most there are three games that each team has to play, quite a few of them only have two left, and with most teams opting to play over weekends, it will be a wonder to see what next week has in store for the First Division teams.

For more information, and a look at the results log, you can go and check out the LoL First Division portal on the DGL website.

The 2014 League of Legends Telkom Do Gaming League is sponsored by Razer.

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