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LoL DGL Divisions Finalised

The League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg groups have been finalised and the match schedule is available.

The Premier Division will be made up of the top 10 teams from last year. If one of those teams has not registered for this leg, they have forfeited their spot to the next team below them. The division will see eight weeks of play with Week Three and Week Six being transfer windows in which players can be moved in and out of the team for one week. There are rules behind the transfer so please make sure you abide by them so as not to be retired out of the league. There will also be one pick ‘n play that each team will have to play, this game may be played at any time during the Summer Leg.

The First Division is made up of the next 11 teams. These teams will have eight weeks in which to play ten games. As with the Premier Division, weeks Three and Six will be transfer windows.

The Open Division has been split in half with groups A through D on one page and E through H on another. This will make it easier for teams to find their matches. There are 11 teams in each group and each team has to play their set eight games as well as the three pick ‘n plays that are mandatory but can be played at any time during the Summer Leg. Week Three and Six will be transfer windows so team captains and managers are reminded to read through the rules in order to not be retired from the league.

To view the general DGL rules you can go to the DGL helpdesk website. To look at the LoL specific rules, you can visit the LoL page on the DGL website.

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