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iM`RAPTUM Frontrunners in LoL Premier

eN.Re Vera have been known as the top dogs for quite awhile in the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014, but it seems that we may have a new top dog come the end of the Winter Leg, as iM`RAPTUM currently lead the pack with a perfect 4 – 0 – 0 standing thus far.

Only two teams have maintained a hundred percent win rate so far during the Winter Leg, being iM`RAPTUM and eN.Re Vera, but unfortunately they will not meet head to head until the final week of Winter Leg play.

Not to be discounted is ReN~Veneration, as they only have one loss to their name so far, and are still more than capable of achieving a podium finish by the end of the Winter Leg. The road will be a tough one however, as the Renegade Gaming side are taking on the Energy eSports side later this week in the hopes to give eN.Re Vera their first loss for the 2014 season.

It looks like the LoL Premier Division is becoming quite the competitive arena during the Winter Leg, so make sure to keep up with the latest results and upsets by checking out the page on the DGL website by clicking the link below:

LoL Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Premier Division

Razer are sponsors of the LoL Telkom DGL 2014.

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