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iM`Unleash Claim LoL Insta-Clash Cup

The Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) League of Legends (LoL) Insta-Clash Cup came to a close last week when iM`Unleash took on ovrpwrd | Defusion in the first LoL Insta-Clash final.

The two teams managed to best the other 12 teams that had entered the single-elimination tournament to get themselves into the best-of-five final, and both teams put on a good showing during the games.

iM`Unleash showed exactly why they managed to make it to the finals of the Telkom Do Gaming Championships earlier this year by taking down ovrpwrd | Defusion in three straight games to win themselves the Insta-Clash Cup.

Registrations for the LoL Telkom DGL 2014 season opened up earlier today, so make sure to get your team entered as soon as possible. To get to the DGL page for LoL, just click on the link below:

League of Legends Telkom DGL 2014 Registrations

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