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Final Week of the LoL Winter Leg

The temperature might be cooling, but the heat has been turned up in the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg as it moves into its final week.

Teams from all across South Africa will be looking to gain as many points as possible in this final week of competition, all of them hoping to stay out of relegation or move up into the playoffs for the next Division. The teams have been juking it out for going on eight weeks now and it has only gotten tougher as the Winter Leg progressed.

With the Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC) around the corner, who can blame the teams for putting in those extra hours or playing their games with such aggressiveness in the hopes of gaining the most important spots in each Division. Teams will have to make sure that all of their pick-n-plays are done as well as their Week Eight game, to stand the best chance of getting a higher spot in their results log. The current standings are as follows:

Premier Division:

  • eN.Re Vera is sitting at the top of the log with 24 points from six games after having already played their game against iM.

  • iM'RAPTUM is in second place with 21 points from six games after losing to Re Vera in their Week Eight game.

  • ReN~Veneration sees themselves in third place with 18 points after six games.
  • U.F.G [EnD] will be looking to one-up Veneration this week as both teams sit on 18 points. They will be looking to take each other down in their Week Eight game.

  • LoF | #swag is in fifth place with 12 points before their final game against MaDJabberwocky.

  • CritTical Thinking and MaDJabberwocky are tied for sixth place, both teams having some tough competition to face in this final week.

  • RMDD.LoL rounds off the table in last place with six points, unable to win a match so far this leg.

First Division has two groups and will therefore only have their top four teams listed while Open Division has four groups (A and B, as well as C and D) and will see the top three listed.

First Division:

Group A:

  • [FLG]Kings sit in first place with 21 points with one game to go.

  • ZamPerS is in second place with 19 points after having played all their games.

  • [TE]GLHF have two games still to go this week and will be looking to push ZamPerS and [FLG]Kings out of their spots, having already gained 17 points off of five games.

  • [BISH]House Lannister will be up against [TE]GLHF in their pick-n-play. They will be looking to push their opponents down a notch as both teams sit in 17 points, the only difference being win percentage.

Group B:

  • ApG.Kung-Fu Penta is currently sitting in first place after having played all their games, only losing one in the process. They now wait for the rest of the teams to show their hand and take their positions at the end of the week.

  • The scores for HCEtheDonger and NFall NightFall have not been updated from last week, it is unknown which team won the match and at the time of writing, both teams have 20 points.

  • ||Ag||Kings sits comfortably in fourth place, with one game still to go. They will be unable to catch the top teams in win percentage and will most likely stay in fourth place after their final game.

Open Division:

Group A:

  • iFG.Benched Gods is sitting in first place with only their game against nAv | Paranoia, who is also undefeated. It will be an interesting game to watch this week as the teams battle it out for a first place finish.

  • nAv | Paranoia holds second place only as a result of having played one game less than iFG.Benched Gods. They will be looking to rectify it this week as they take on iFG.Benched Gods and [l3Lg]Redemption.

  • MaDRed Knight has made it into third place, still having three games to play. They will be going up against clan mates MaDHighTopp this weekend.

Group B:

  • NvS.Invoke is sticking in first place with 28 points so far. An unfortunate incident happened over the weekend, when their opponents were lagging out and the decision has been put forth to the DGL admins on what to do on this matter.

  • TEGELTots holds second place after playing seven games. The team has only lost their game against NvS.Invoke so far this leg, and look to make that their only loss after their three games this week.

  • LSG-lol is sitting in third place after enduring unfortunate amounts of lag this weekend and is waiting on the admin’s decision regarding their game against NvS.Invoke. They will have three games to play this week and it is hopeful that the lag will be sorted out by then.

Group C:

  • WRG][Supremecy is in first place, with 25 points, after only dropping one game so far this leg. They will be looking to keep it that way as they go up against -TmA-Dark Moon this week.

  • NvS.Legionnaires will be looking to keep their second place spot after the two games they need to play this week.

  • CTE Who Fed Soraka is looking to grab second place from NvS.Legionnaires as they both sit on 22 points after seven games. There are only two games left for each team and both will be facing opponents from the bottom half of the results log.

Group D:

  • [dM]Chaotix are in first place, going undefeated in their seven games so far. The team only has one game to play this week and will be looking to carry on their winning spree all the way into the Winter Playoffs.

  • -TmA-Pure Force holds second place with 23 points after playing all their games. Now they wait for the rest of the teams to finish up their games before they know where they will be posistioned.

  • RyzeAgainst is currently in third place with both their Week Eight game and pick-n-play still to go. They will be looking to knock -TmA-Pure Force out of their second position spot before the end of the week.

The 2014 League of Legends Telkom Do Gaming League is sponsored by Razer.

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