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Few Games Left to Play in LoL Breakthrough Playoffs

The teams in the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Breakthrough Playoffs seem to be working hard in order to prove that they are capable enough to make in the First Division.

Of course there are a few teams trying to keep their spot in the First Division by competing against the best the Open Division of the 2014 Summer Leg had to offer. The teams were announced little over three weeks ago and the teams found out that they would be playing in a round robin, group stage, where the top three teams from each group got to make it into the higher division.

With there only being a few days left until the end of the Playoff stage, teams are working on getting their last few games organised so that they stand the best chance they can in the running for the top three spots.

[FLG]Kings have the most number of games played in the LoL DGL 2014 Summer Breakthrough Playoffs, with only having one game left to play. They are currently trying to organise their final match against nAv | Taxi Drivers, who have not yet responded. With the Playoff stage ending on Sunday, 4 May, it is imperative that the teams make sure they get this game organised.

Of course there are a few teams that still have quite a few games to go before the deadline. Those teams are reminded that if you do not organise your matches, they will result in a forfeit and will put you in a worse standing when it comes to being promoted to the next division.

At the moment the groups stand as follows:

Group A:

  • In first place we find vTs1 with 12 points off their three-win streak.

  • In second place is [FLG]Kings, with two wins and two loss, standing with 10 points.

  • 7EL NitroCide is in third place with one win and two losses, scoring them six points.

  • In fourth place HCEtheDonger can be found tied with A2P Dongers, both teams having won one game and lost another, giving them five points each.

  • Rounding up Group A, we find nAv | Taxi Drivers after suffering two losses, this gives them a score of two points.

Group B:

  • In first place we have NAMisl Welcomes You with 12 points from three wins.

  • [TE]GLHF and [sG]Eclipse are tied for second place with one win and one loss each, scoring them five points apiece.

  • [FLG]Knights are seen tied for fourth place with puLse.Elucid after losing one game, scoring one point for each team.

  • In last place we find [DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ who forfeited one game and therefore do not have a single point on the results log.

It is hopeful that all the teams play their matches before the cut-off date. If you are having a problem organising matches on the DGL page, here is a quick guide to help. Managers are reminded to update your roster as well as scores on the match pages.

The League of Legends 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League is sponsored by Razer.

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