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Dota 2 Set to Overtake LoL in Prizepool Money

League of Legends (LoL) is without a doubt the biggest MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) around, both in player base and in prize pool, but it looks like Dota 2 might just overtake the behemoth in at least one aspect thanks to The International 4 (TI4) and its compendium.

LoL topped the eSports earning chart in 2013 with total prizes throughout the year adding up to $11,579,556 dollars, with Dota 2 sitting in fourth place at $9,132,957. In terms of a single tournament, Dota 2 holds the current record with The International 3 (TI3), which had a $2,874,407 dollar prize pool.

Since the release of the TI4 compendium last week Friday the community has pulled together to shatter the record held by its predecessor and surpassed TI3’s prize pool within 24 hours of the compendiums release. Since then the prize pool has continued to climb, and currently sits at $4.2 million dollars at the time of writing.

With TI4 still two months away and taking into account growth in prize pool since the compendium’s release, if the Dota 2 community manages to get to the final stretch goal of six million dollars they will have officially passed LoL as the game with the highest eSports earnings, and claim the bragging right of the highest paying eSports title.

Even though Dota 2 cannot compete on a player scale (LoL has 67 million regular players compared to the seven million of Dota 2), the fact that it can compete with a title such as LoL on potential earnings is an incredible feat, since the prize pool at the moment is largely funded by the community itself.

It is also interesting to note that in terms of earnings by single players, 11 out of the top 20 are Dota 2 players, mostly from Na’Vi and Alliance.

This kind of growth from the community is exceptional to see, and has a positive effect in every corner of the eSports market. Showing this kind of growth and support from the community attracts more business attention and potential sponsors for teams, an impact you can even see on the local level with the teams in the Dota 2 Telkom Do Gaming League 2014.

Personally I think the final stretch goal for TI4 (which is six million dollars) is going to be achieved within the next two weeks, and I am excited to see just how high the prize pool is going to be for the biggest eSports tournament in the world.

Source: eSports Earnings

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