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Coining the Hearth – Card Advantage

Card Advantage is one of the most critical points in Hearthstone due to the limited size of every deck, and can often make or break a game for you depending if you have cards in your hand or not. Dumping your hand at once can have its advantages, but you will often find yourself without cards in hand or on the board before you know it and no way of recovery.

Professional card game players will talk for hours about card advantage, and is often one of the focussing points for many commentators in the field, as how many cards in hand is something your opponent has to consider at all times as well.

Don’t Get Overexcited:

This is probably one of the mistakes that I make most often, which is to dump your hand after clearing his board. Although this may seem like a good idea at the time, it highly depends on how many cards your opponent has in his hand as well.

The only time it may be worth dropping as much as your hand on the table is if your opponent has no cards in hand, and has to top deck an answer to all your problems. If the game reaches this stage it is often already over, as this can happen quite a lot to aggro decks that try and kill the opponent as quickly as possible.

Sometimes – Do Nothing!:

It is sometimes better to do nothing at all if the board state is in your favour, so that you can keep as many cards (and in your opponent’s eyes – more threats) in your hand as possible. This goes hand in hand with getting overexcited about things, and is one of the more subtle parts of the game.

Not doing anything in a turn can feel counter productive (and can be), but in some situations having the card advantage is even better for you than having more creatures on the board. Having more cards in your hand than your opponent puts you in a great position no matter what he plays, as the chance that you have an answer to what he has to play is much higher with every card.

Playing Second is Better:

This is one of the most contentious issues about Hearthstone itself, and that is the inherent advantage you get from playing second. Not only do you get an additional card, but you also receive “Coin”, which gives you an extra mana crystal for one turn.

I think the biggest problem about the coin is the fact that it counts as a spell, so is ideal with some early combo cards and can be exploited quite badly in the early game. Hopefully this will be balanced before the start of the Hearthstone Telkom Do Gaming League in 2014, as the statistics put people who play second in a game of Hearthstone clearly in favour to win.

Poll of the Day:

The poll of the day is more of a question, but an important one nonetheless. What would you do to about playing second in Hearthstone? Do you think the coin gives people too much of an advantage? How would you balance it out? Give us your thoughts below.

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