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Plague Quarter Now Available in Hearthstone

The Plague Quarter, the second of five wings in Hearthstone’s first downloadable content (DLC) patch, Curse of Naxxramas, is officially available to play in clients worldwide.

The second of the five chapters is the first time that players will have to pay either in-game gold or real money to access the content, and will cost $6.99 (R75) or 700 in-game gold to access. As with the Arachnid Quarter, the Plague Quarter unlocks three new bosses, as well as more class challenges and heroic versions of the bosses to defeat.

The three new bosses this week are Noth, Heigan and Loatheb, and beating these three bosses on normal will unlock four new cards: Sludge Belcher, Stoneskin Gargoyle, Unstable Ghoul, and Loatheb.

As with last week, there are also two new class challenges this week, this time for Mage and Hunter. Beating these challenges will unlock Duplicate for Mage and Webspinner for Hunter.

Competent Hearthstone players should have no problem overcoming the Plague Quarter in an hour or two on both Normal and Heroic difficulties, as the challenge of the AI is really not that difficult once you realise each bosses weakness.

With the sudden influx of new cards it will be interesting to see what Naxxramas cards make it into the card rotation for the Hearthstone Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg Playoffs which are currently taking place, as we may see some interesting changes to the meta game over the next few weeks.

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