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Naxxramas Hearthstone Adventure Released

There are five wings that will be unlocked over the course of the next month, one a week, starting with the Arachnid Quarter this week. Each part will have three separate bosses, each with their own special hero powers as well as unique cards at their disposal.

Playing the adventure in normal mode will unlock Naxxramas cards for you to use in your decks. This week the locks were “Haunted Creeper”, Nerubian Weblord, the Nerubian Egg, and once you have finished all three bosses on normal mode, Maexxna.

Each week comes with different class challenges as well, which makes you play as a specific class and deck against one of the week’s bosses. If you win the challenge, you get further card unlocks, so is well worth the time. This week sees Druid and Rogue as the classes challenges, which unlock you ”Poison Seeds” and Anub’ar Ambusher respectively.

There is also a “Heroic Mode” for each quarter, which makes your opposition a lot tougher than normal mode, and often requires specifically designed decks in order to overcome what they bring to the table. Defeating all the bosses in Curse of Naxxramas on heroic will earn you this pretty sweet card back, so it may be worth the time once you learn the strategies of each boss.

I like the fact that they are slowly releasing the expansion, as it gives everyone a decent shot at getting the cards at a fair pace, so that players cannot get an advantage by just rushing through the content.

It will be interesting to see what cards from Curse of Naxxramas will make it into the Hearthstone DGL 2014 Winter Leg Playoffs that kick off this week, as many of the cards have the potential to make it into a deck under certain situations.

At the moment, the Hearthstone expansion is short and sweet, and shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to get through the first wing (heroic bosses included), so make sure not to fall behind on the latest Hearthstone content, as there is still plenty on the way over the coming weeks.

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