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Hearthstone Insta – Clash: 3 Matches Down, 4 Tonight

The Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup elimination stages started yesterday evening, with three of the eight matches taking place on the first day.

Richard “kknP.DeMoNiK” Sjoberg took a close 2 – 1 victory off of Jacques “SelfmOorD” Wentzel, who managed to trounce Sjoberg’s mage deck in game two of the match. A quick start from his Warrior deck soon ensured the victory before Wentzel could get going on his priest deck, and ensured Sjoberg’s quarter final spot. He now waits for the match between Sakkie “bvd.RandomHero” Basson and Ray “vH`Rival” Van Der Linde, which has been confirmed for later today.

The other two players to secure they quarterfinal spots are Ben “WH?Noxville” Steenhuisen and Aiden “[VeGa]Feral” Green, who both managed to 2 – 0 their opponents in their first elimination matches.
The four matches taking place tonight are as follows:

  • bvd.RandomHero vs. vH`Rival
  • [S17]Prince of Ravens vs. oldschoolOverFiend
  • –BJB-feenikz vs. Muggy
  • VnR| Strider vs. oldschool jangseng

The only match yet to be scheduled is Andre “[SSG] Mogar” Rademan vs. Brandon “eN.Broken” De Beer, as De Beer has yet to respond to the match thread.

Who are your favourites to go through to the quarterfinals in tonight’s matches? Take the polls below and give your predictions.

bvd.RandomHero vs. vH`Rival
bvd.RandomHero is my favourite to win
vH`Rival will take his opponent down

This poll closed on: 8 Nov 2013 6:00 am
[S17]Prince of Ravens vs. oldschool OverFiend
[S17]Prince of Ravens will crush his foe.
oldschool OverFiend will take a sound victory.

This poll closed on: 8 Nov 2013 6:00 am
–BJB-feenikz vs. Muggy
My money is on –BJB-feenikz.
Muggy is in it to win it.

This poll closed on: 8 Nov 2013 6:00 am
VnR| Strider vs. oldschool jangseng
VnR| Strider is ready to conquer.
oldschool jangseng is up for the challenge.

This poll closed on: 8 Nov 2013 6:00 am

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