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Hearthstone Expansion: Not Exactly Cheap

Gamers have eagerly been awaiting the expansion for Blizzard latest card game epic, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Blizzard has now finally announced the pricing and everything else players need to know.

According to the EU blog, the Curse of Naxxramas will consist of five different wings of the Adventure. Each week a different gate to the wing will be open in the following order:
-Arachnid Quarter
-Plague Quarter
-Military Quarter
-Construct Quarter
-Frostwyrm Lair

Players will kick off the first wing completely free. Players will have a month to get through the first wing and the first few bosses such as Anub’Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna. Each time you defeat a boss, new cards will be added to your collection.

Here is where things get a little pricey…

After the Arachnid Quarter, the next four wings can be purchased. Each wing will cost the user 700 gold or 5.99 EUR (around R90) PER wing. There are also bundle packages available but none of these will grant you any early access or confirmed victories.

There is also a Heroic Mode included in Curse of Naxxramas where players will be able to unlock the heroic mode of each wing after they have defeated all the bosses within that wing. Defeating all of the bosses in Naxx on Heroic will unlock a new card back.

Not exactly a cheap expansion but players who are serious about their Hearthstone will most likely have been saving up gold for this occasion.

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