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Coining the Hearth – Your Local Guide To Hearthstone

Welcome to Coining the Hearth – an opinion series hosted by myself, Richard “DeMoNiK” Sjoberg. Over the next few days I will be giving you some tips of the trade and ways to think about competitive card gaming in general, as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft gets set to become one of the tournament games in the Telkom Do Gaming League in 2014.

Coining the Hearth will start with my guide to the basics, and will continue in 2014 as more local Hearthstone Players get to join in on the conversation. Here’s what to expect over the next few days:

Coining the Hearth – Deck Construction:

Deck Construction is without a doubt the most important thing in any competitive card game. Slapping cards together in hope that they may work might have some success, but will always struggle against decks that are properly constructed.

I will give my opinion on the thought process behind constructing a deck in Hearthstone, as well as lay out some of the most popular categories and what their aims are.

Coining the Hearth – Board State:

Looking at board states is vitally important in any card game, and manoeuvring the board to your advantage can often take a lot of thought. Depending on what is in your hand, what your opponent may think is in his favour could often could be the opposite if you think about the game the right way, it is just realising it that needs to happen first.

The board state needs to be kept in your favour for you to be able to get the win, and hopefully Coining the Hearth may help you along that path.

Coining the Hearth – Card Advantage:

When playing in the Telkom Do Gaming League Insta-Clash last month, this was one of the things that players seemed to consider the least, and is even more important in Hearthstone that it is in a game like Magic the Gathering, because you only have 30 cards to deal with.

Card Advantage is incredibly important in every game of Hearthstone you play, and is also one of the most talked about things in the competitive community, thanks to the huge advantage you get for playing second in Hearthstone.

I will take you through how to watch your opponent’s cards as well as your own to figure out how to get things into your favour, and how to keep your card advantage while doing it.

Coining the Hearth – Effective Trading:

Effective trading requires some thought, as it may not be the most likely play every time. Getting your cards to last as long as possible to another key factor to success in Hearthstone, and the different classes have different ways to either help or hinder that ability.

I will take you through how to think about trading with your creatures, spells or hero abilities, and what will get you into the late game the safest and with the most cards.

Poll of the Day:

Now for the first poll of the day! Which class is your favourite to play? Are you a pesky Mage, or an irritating Paladin? Take the poll below and let us know.

What is your favourite Hearthstone class?

This poll closed on: 20 Dec 2013 1:00 pm

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