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Hearthstone to Get 'Hard' Reset

Blizzard has announced an account wipe and major patch scheduled for release later this week.

According to Blizzard, much of the game's UI and rewards system is set to get a major overhaul and as a result, all player progress is set to get completely wiped.

"If you are participating in the Hearthstone closed beta test, your progress will be reset," says the Hearthstone blog.

"This includes your gold, experience and class levels gained through play, arcane dust quantities, cards unlocked through progression, and your medal ranking in Ranked Play mode. When you load up the game afterwards, it will be as if you were starting in Hearthstone as a new player."

Users that have spent money on Blizzard's digital card game will be fully reimbursed as gold and that the scheduled wipe will be the last of its kind.

The changes that will ship with the upcoming patch are based on extensive user feedback and will include refinements to Daily quests and crafting to be more user-friendly. Classes will also be balanced, with Rogues getting their spells adjusted, while Warriors and Priests get some newer, stronger cards.

Hearthstone is a free-to-play game set in the WarCraft universe, supported by the purchase of booster packs.
There are around 300 cards in the game to start, with more set to be added later; booster packs can either be earned in-game or bought.

Each pack comes with five random cards, including at least one "rare".Players can choose one of nine "heroes" which are similar to the classes in World of WarCraft. The game is based around 1v1 matches and operates through Blizzard's

Check out the official announcement here.

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