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WpPrRz Enjoying Card Competition

South African Hearthstone player and active community member Tiaan 'WpPrRz' Brink secured his place in the Group 2 semi-final of the Hearthstone Insta-Clash Cup Valentine’s Edition.

Brink’s Druid cruised past Nicholas 'PurePower' Katkuzinos on Saturday, 22 February and will likely lead the pack when he takes on Ryan 'Arachne' Norden later this week.

While the former Magic: The Gathering (MTG) player is enjoying a successful cup run, he’s had a bumpy start to the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Hearthstone (HS) Summer Leg dropping two games early on in the season, including a ‘humbling’ loss to Matthew 'fluKe' Merks.

Despite the poor start, Brink exuberates a passion for Blizzard’s free competitive collectible card game and is well on his way to cementing his place as one of the country’s top players.

Do Gaming: Tell us a bit more about your competitive card background.

Tiaan 'WpPrRz' Brink: I come from a short MTG background. I played it for about a year while I didn't have an internet connection. I did fairly well at the local Friday Night Magic tourneys.

DG: It’s obvious you’ve developed a huge interest in Blizzard’s growing eSports title. What is it about Hearthstone that appeals to you so much?

Brink: The fact that it's free and doesn’t require a hectic line to play. It grabbed my attention even before I got a beta key through Do Gaming.

I even followed the first Insta-clash Cup and watched streams, thinking of the decks I'd like to build. I miss the MTG days, but that became expensive.

DG: What are your favourite classes at the moment?

Brink: It's difficult to say. I started off as Mage - seeing as it's the class you start off with and I'm very comfortable with it. It's not my top class at the moment though.

Druid is definitely my favourite. Controlling and versatile, the Druid has answers to almost everything while the Shaman is very fun to play.

DG: You haven’t had a perfect start to the DGL Summer Leg. What routine do you follow after each loss?

Brink: I started off against guys who play Hearthstone for fun. I think I started to relax and forgot just how competitive the league can be. Also, I went up against some strong opponents like fluKe [Merks] who’s left a huge footprint in the local HS scene.

After a loss I immediately shake it off and congratulate my opponent. Luckily I record all my games so I tend to go back and identify what I could have done differently.

Being able to fast forward also gives me an idea of what cards my opponents had at a time. Allowing me to analyse how I'd play around the cards he had at that time - if possible.

DG: How do you feel about the current Meta?

Brink: I feel Hearthstone is in a great "position" at the moment. Most of the cards are quite well balanced. I also love the control Meta at the moment.

There's very little I'd change, more specifically there is very little that can be changed without changing the cards which shouldn't be done constantly anyway.

DG: How often do you play?

Brink: Not that much. I put in a few hours a day. Mostly late night when I get bored or after watching streams.

I really do want to invest more time into HS though. I'm definitely gunning for rank 10 but it becomes really draining once you pass the rank 13 mark.

DG: Are there any active changes you would make to the official Hearthstone DGL rule set?

Brink: I quite like the DGL system at the moment. It's very standard. Because the leg spans over eight weeks, decks will always change according to the Meta, and while I've been happy to share my decks in my screenshots, sometimes I wish my opponents would do the same so I can prepare a bit better.

DG: What are your aims for the Summer Leg?

Brink: Everyone wants to finish on top. It's too early to say but being able to compete in First division or even Premier is my only goal. Hopefully I will also be able to compete at the Do Gaming Championships this year.

DG: Finally, what do think of HS being deemed pay-to-win?

Brink: Hearthstone definitely isn't pay-to-win. I've spent a large undisclosed amount of money on Hearthstone but you don't see me building a 28 Legendary Card deck and doing well with it.

I remember the days of being able to wreak havoc with a basic only deck but unfortunately you can't risk that when playing in the DGL. You either need to spend a lot of time or spend a small amount of money.

If you have solid knowledge about the game and it's mechanics you're bound to do well.

You can follow Tiaan 'WpPrRz' Brink over on his official website which details his own Hearthstone adventures.

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