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Scant's Hearthstone Arena Guide

Registrations for the Telkom Do Gaming Hearthstone League currently sit at a massive 244 entries, which suggests that 2014 is going to be a big year for the 2D competitive card game.

Blizzard's blend of traditional TCG mixed with WarCraft lore is making waves across the competitive community but finds itself entangled in the tried and tested debate of whether or not your wallet is the secret to success.

Pay-to-win is the concept that exists when there is no marginal way to be competitive without paying for a certain items, characters, or in this case, cards.

Unfortunately, without the help of your wallet, the only feasible way to gain access to gold and cards is to partake in the Hearthstone Arena - and do well.

In Arena, players compete against one another using specially constructed decks to earn substantial rewards of gold, dust and 5-card boosters.

The Arena Mode features strong elements of luck and chance with players 'essentially gambling upon their own success'.

The player must select one of three randomly chosen classes. They then choose from a series of randomly selected cards to build a new, unique deck. Unlike other play these cards are not limited by the player's current collection, and there is no limit on the number of each card that can be included in a deck (including legendaries).

Players then use their decks to do battle until they have suffered three losses, or claimed 12 victories, at which point they will be granted a number of rewards depending on their success. Winning at least seven games before being eliminated guarantees that the player will earn their entry fee back in gold.

But, as any Hearthstone player will tell you, putting together a successive string of victories in Arena isn't easy and Telkom Do Gaming caught up with Bravado's Anthony 'scant' Hodgson to share his top tips for besting the difficult game mode.

The Dota veteran is a top favourite to perform in the Telkom Do Gaming League Hearthstone Summer Leg and is also a seasoned MTG Drafts player who admittedly is 'pretty successful at Arena'.

Scant's Hearthstone Arena Guide

1. Forget about what your class is. Once you get better, this will be relevant again but the easiest mistake to make in Arena is to try force a specific deck and the easiest way to do that is to think your class matters.

2. Everyone says 'value is key' but hardly anyone takes the time to explain what that means. The simplest way to explain this is in terms of making good trades. Cards that are likely to force your opponent to trade twofor one or three for one are very valuable. This is why people rate buffing minions so highly, as well as minions that replace themselves because of their deathrattle or battlecry.

3. While you're drafting, look at what you have already picked to guide your other picks. Don't only look at the mana curve graph, you need to see what power level the cards you have at each part of your curve are in order to make good decisions. For example, usually you want at least fourtwo-drops. But if you already have four but they're all average-to-bad, you might want another one or two.

4. Getting your Mulligan right is probably even more important in Arena than in constructed. If one player goes ahead in terms of their board state very early on, there's an extremely high chance they will win. A good rule of thumb is to throw back any cards that cost more than three mana from your opening hand. This mitigates well against the risk of having uneventful early turns.

5. When you're playing, think ahead. This goes for all Hearthstone games, but is probably overlooked more in Arena. Just because your deck doesn't have a specific plan behind its build doesn't mean you don't need to think ahead. Try to plan a few turns in advance, at least roughly, based on what's on the board, what's in your hand, and what's in your deck still. It helps a lot.

Blizzard recently announced that Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft beta has moved into the open beta phase across North America.

Furthermore, the developer plans to head into open beta in all other regions "within the next few days".

You can check out the full article here.

The registration period has been extended until the 26 January, with the Summer Leg scheduled to start on 3 February.

Players can register for the Telkom Do Gaming Hearthstone League here

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