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Pixelpusha Crowned New HS ICC Champion

After two weeks of competition, 64 players were reduced to just one with Dylan 'Pixelpusha' Henderson besting Andrew 'pIjIN' Clark convincingly in the Hearthstone (HS) Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) Valentine’s Edition Grand Final on Wednesday night.

Henderson enjoyed a testing tournament series which culminated in a tremendous grand final victory on Wednesday, 5 March to be crowned ICC Valentine’s Edition champion.

“In preparation for the final I played a decent amount of Hearthstone, during which I was able to reach Rank 2 which means I got to compete against a lot of strong opposition,” says Henderson.

“I was always confident in my ability to win and after watching Clark [pIjiN] play Steenhuisen [Noxville], I had a good indication of what to expect. I also have the benefit of experience and a larger card pool which of course is an advantage when dealing with ‘constructed’ play.”

The champion, who began his cup run with a firm victory over Marc 'Surge' Du Plessis, endured a number of difficult matchups including a shaky semi-final clash against Tiaan 'WpPrRz' Brink, on route to the final where he secured his first accolade of the 2014 campaign with an impressive 2-0 win over Clark.

Clark, who enjoyed an equally impressive knockout series was able to best last year’s runner up Ben 'Noxville' Steenhuisen in his own semi-final meeting but was unlucky not to take a match off his opponent’s 'WTFBBQTOTEMS' Shaman in the last stretch of the competition.

“Assuming both players have a fairly equal card pool, with access to legendaries which are great utility cards, the secret to competitive HS is analysing your opponents play.”

"Making a calculated guess at what he could hold in his hand at any turn and adjusting your own play accordingly is crucial but also requires a good understanding of your own deck and its capabilities,” he added.

Meanwhile Henderson has mirrored his cup success with devastating league form having picked up seven wins from eight games in the 2014 Telkom Do Gaming League Hearthstone Summer Leg, dropping points against Andre 'Dethilian#2208' Van de Haar, to sit top of Group A.

Clark on the other hand finds himself in 5th place of a difficult Group N with just five wins from eight matches.

Check out Henderson’s winning deck list below:

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