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HS Designer Details Balance Philosophy

Hearthstones Lead Designer Eric Dodds has detailed the team's thought process when tweaking specific cards.

For the most part, the team's 'balance philosophy' was covered publicly in a Q&A panel at BlizzCon 2013, but Dodds has chosen to elaborate following the recent patch to the digital competitive card game.

The patch, which saw crucial changes to expert cards like Pyromancer, Unleash the Hounds and Blood Imp, was released on 16 January, one week prior to the launch of open beta across the NA and EU .

For the official change log, click here.

Eric Dodds

"Making changes to Hearthstone cards isn't something we take lightly," says Dodds.

"We take many factors into account and collect massive amounts of data in order to make the correct balance decisions for the game as a whole."

"I wanted to give you all some insight behind our core philosophies and shed light on how cards evolve to be in-line with those philosophies as we move past the beta testing phase and into release."

You can read the full blog here, but in summary, Dodds defends the team's decision making based on a number of key points [below].

The team will consider changing a card if:

A card causes non-interactive games.
A card is frustrating to play against.
A card is too strong compared to other cards of identical cost.
A specific build or play style is too strong
A card is too weak.

Dodds also took the chance to introduce a new member of the team, Mike Donais, who is believed to be responsible for the latest string of balance changes.

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