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Hearthstone Premier Progressing Well

The Premier Division for the Hearthstone (HS) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg is progressing well, and is proving to be a highly competitive arena for all players involved.

Anthony “scant” Hodgson is currently leading the pack by a single point, but that may well change before the end of the week thanks to the one loss to his name already. In fact, only six of the 15 players have yet to take a loss so far during the Leg, with this being only the second week of play.

This makes every win even more vital for all players involved, as it could be the difference between safety and relegation come the end of the Winter Leg. Close behind Hodgson are Martin “Plic” Rothschild, Francois “Fafa” Moutona and Jacques “SelfmOorD” Wentzel, who are all currently sitting with a 2 – 0 – 0 standing and their week two matches still left to play.

Players are reminded to take screenshots of all their games during the course of their Winter Leg run, so as to comply with the new match submission rules. To check out the Premier Division for the Hearthstone Telkom DGL Winter Leg, simply click the link below:

Hearthstone Premier Progressing Well

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