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Hearthstone Premier Playoffs Finalised

The players and groups for the Hearthstone Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg Premier Playoffs have been finalised, as players prepare to begin their tough four week battle starting tomorrow.

The Premier Playoffs consist of all the winners and runners-up from the Summer Leg group, giving us 32 players in total. Those 32 players have been split into four groups of eight, with only the top two players from each group qualifying for the Winter Leg Premier Division once the Playoffs are done and dusted. The groups are:

The Summer Leg Playoffs are a round robin pick-n-play stage, so it is up to the players to make sure they organise their matches in due time before the Playoffs come to an end on 4 May.

Interestingly Do Gaming League has an additional stat available on the tournament page, as players win percentages will now be shown as well. This means it’s not only about how many wins you have, but also how many games you lost along the way, something that can make a huge difference in the late stages of the Legs and Playoffs.

The Hearthstone Summer Leg Playoffs begin tomorrow, 8 April. To find the Playoffs on the DGL site, simply click the link below:

Hearthstone Summer Leg Premier Playoffs

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