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Hearthstone Playoffs Detailed

Details for the upcoming Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg Playoffs have been revealed, as players ready themselves for a tough month ahead.

The Summer Leg Playoffs are due to begin as early as next week, and will comprise of both a Premier Division Playoff as well as a First Division Playoff.

The Premier Division Playoffs will comprise of all the first and second place finishers for the respective groups during the Summer Leg. The players will be divided into four groups of eight, and the top two players from these groups will make up the Premier Division for the Winter Leg.

The remaining players from the Premier Division Playoff will make up some of the players in First Division for the Winter Leg, with the rest of the players coming from the winners of the First Division Summer Leg Playoffs.

The First Division Playoffs has exactly the same structure as the Premier Division Playoffs, but with the Summer Leg Groups’ third and fourth place finishers.

A Second Division will exist as well for the Hearthstone Telkom DGL Winter Leg, and will be filled with the fifth to eighth place finishers from the Summer Leg groups, without a Playoff.

Please make sure to check the DGL site on a regular basis, as the groups and matches should be up sometime later this week.

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