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Hearthstone Insta – Clash Through to Eliminations

The tiebreakers for the Telkom Do Gaming League Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup successfully took place last night, and the top sixteen players that are moving forward have been finalised.

These 16 players now fight it out in Phase Two of the Insta – Clash Cup, which is a single elimination round. The tournament will continue in a best – of – three format until the final, which will then be a best – of – five.

The top 16 players are as follows:

  • eN.brokeN_
  • kknP.DeMoNiK
  • -BJB-feenikz
  • [VeGa]Feral
  • oldschoolJakkalz
  • oldschooljanseng
  • [SSG] Mogar
  • Muggy
  • [S17]Neoslinkee
  • WH?Noxville
  • oldschoolOverFiend
  • [S17[Prince of Ravens
  • bvd.RandomHero
  • vH`Rival
  • SelfmOorD
  • VnR|Strider

To find the pairings for the first round, simply follow the link below:

Telkom DGL Hearthstone Clash Single Elimination Stage

Who are your favourites to win the Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup? Give your predictions below.

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