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Hearthstone Insta – Clash Prediction Game

For those of you out there still yearning for a Hearthstone Key, fear no more! The Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) is now offering another chance for you to win during the Telkom DGL Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup by taking part in their prediction game.

The process is a simple one. DGL has already assigned keys to eight matches so far, all you have to do is correctly guess who is going to win the match. If you do guess correctly, you will then be put into a pool with the other people who guessed the right score, and a winner will be drawn from there.

The Terms and Conditions to enter the Prediction Game are quite simple, but please read through them to make sure you are eligible before entering. Here they are:

- Players playing in the Clash cup are not eligible.

- Admins and sponsors are not eligible.

- If the match is suspended or not played, the prediction round is invalidated.

- One entry per person per match. Where duplicate entries are found, we will only consider the first submitted entry.

- Hearthstone beta keys must be redeemed on the site before 3 November.

Predictions close as early as this evening, so make sure to get your guesses in quickly before it’s too late. Here are your matches and links for your prediction submissions:

Match 1:

CauTion\SelfmOorD vs. DarkWingDan

Match 2:

[SSG] Mogar vs. [S17]St3baS

Match 3:

[S17]St3baS vs. OldschoolJanseng

Match 4:

[PwNs]SogeKing vs. kknP.DeMoNiK

Match 5:

[DvG]illidanRA vs. [S17]Neoslinkee

Match 6:

[S17]PiE vs. vH'Veepee

Match 7:

FexxoThePuppetmaster vs. [S17]St3baS

Match 8:

VnR|Strider vs. eN.brokeN

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