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Hearthstone Insta – Clash Group Stages Begin

The Telkom Do Gaming League’s first ever Hearthstone Insta – Clash cup filled all 32 spots within just hours of the tournament becoming available, as 32 players get set to take part in the first ever local Hearthstone tournament.

The group stages of the Insta – Clash cup start today and will take place over the course of the week, with each player needing to play three matches. A link to the group stages can be found here:

Hearthstone Insta – Clash Group Stage

Before they begin their journey into competitive Hearthstone, players are reminded to please make sure they have filled out the Do Gaming League’s Deck List form, as you will have to have three decks over the course of the tournament. The deck list form can be found here:

Telkom DGL Hearthstone Clash Deck List

All matches in the group stage are best – of – three affairs up until the finals, which will be a best of five. Since Hearthstone is still in beta, players are also reminded to familiarise themselves with the rule set in case problems arise. Follow the link below to the discussion post:

Rules and General Discussion

All the group stage matches must be played by 4 October, so vigilance is asked when organising your matches, as there is only one week in which to organise and play all three games. Players are encouraged (but not required) to stream their matches, so hopefully we should be able to catch some of the action live.

Who are your favourites to win the Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup? Do we have a card gaming wizard sneakily hiding amongst the participants? Give your predictions below.

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