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Hearthstone Insta – Clash Deck Statistics

Thanks to the work of Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen and admins of the Telkom Do Gaming League we have been able to piece together some diagrams for the deck tendencies amongst our players in the Telkom Do Gaming League Hearthstone Insta – Clash Cup. Let’s take a look at the favourite starting decks and the second deck choices:

To find the larger version of the picture, simply click on this link:

As you can see, Mage and Hunter were by far the favourite starting decks in the Insta – Clash cup, with half of our 32 contestants choosing either class for their starting deck. Mage outstripped the Hunter by a small margin at nine players to seven, but players who played Hunters definitely favoured having a Mage as their second class.

The deck spread for players who choose Mage as their initial class is a lot more spread, but Hunter, Priest and Warriors are definitely favoured as the follow up decks if their Mage deck took a fall in game one.

The only other significant number after that is the Priest first deck into Mage second, because even although players tend to play the decks the other way round, this combination is by far the most popular in the Insta – Clash Cup.

Now let’s take a look at the chart for the players entering the elimination stage:

To find the larger version of the picture, simply click on this link:

As you can clearly see the Mage decks have clearly dominated the group stages, with Hunter and Priest following close behind. The most favoured pairing by far is a Mage first Deck into Priest second deck, with the other pairings nowhere near as favoured.

It is also interesting to note that three of the nine classes available did not even make it into the top 16, with no first deck Warlock, Druid or Rogue decks making it through to the elimination round.

Here is a list of deck combinations in order of most picked:

  • Mage/Priest – 8
  • Hunter/Priest – 6
  • Hunter/Mage – 5
  • Paladin/Priest – 4
  • Hunter/Paladin – 3
  • Hunter/Shaman – 3
  • Druid/Mage – 2
  • Mage/Paladin – 2
  • Paladin/Shaman – 2
  • Priest/Warrior – 2
  • Rogue/Warlock – 1
  • Druid/Hunter – 1
  • Hunter/Warlock – 1
  • Paladin/Warrior – 1
  • Mage/Warrior – 1
  • Mage/Warlock – 1
  • Priest/Shaman – 1
  • Mage/Rogue – 1
  • Prist/Warlock – 1
  • Druid/Rogue – 1
  • Hunter/Rogue – 1

It is very clear to see that Mage, Hunter and Priest are definitely the favoured classes, and the classes that seem to be doing well in the tournament, and will be interesting to see which pairing eventually ends in pole position.

What are your favourite decks to play with? Do you think the favoured classes are just stronger than the others at the moment? Feel free to comment below and let us know.

The Hearthstone Insta - Clash Cup is hosted by Telkom Do Gaming League.

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