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Hearthstone Groups are Live

The Hearthstone Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Winter Leg gets underway this week, and the groups and Divisions have been finalised in time for the start of the Leg.

There have been some minor changes to the rules and format of the Leg, as games from now on will now be best-of-five affairs, and not the best-of-three held by previous Legs. This means players will have to have three active decks for any one match, and not the two previously required for the DGL Summer Leg.

In addition, the Premier Division has become a group of 16 and not a group of eight as previously stated during the Summer Leg Playoffs, to allow competitors to play two matches a week instead of one.

Since there is no spectator option in Hearthstone, we strongly advise players to record and post their matches onto the Internet, as it is much easier to create content for the Hearthstone League when the players are providing us with content and their own perspectives on the game.

The check out the Divisions for the Hearthstone Telkom DGL 2014 Winter Leg, simply follow the links below:

Hearthstone Winter Leg Premier Division

Hearthstone Winter Leg First Division

Hearthstone Winter Leg Second Division

Hearthstone Winter Leg Open Division Group A – D

Hearthstone Winter Leg Open Division Group E – H

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