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Hearthstone DGL Rules Released

The registrations for the Hearthstone Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Leg are officially closed with a whopping 293 players ready to do battle.

In the wake of registrations closing, Telkom DGL has released the rule set that will be used for the Summer Leg. The first and most notable rule to take note of is the lack of class restrictions, meaning you will not be restricted to just three classes for the event.

All games will take on a best-of-three format, and once you have lost a game with a certain class you are not allowed to use that class again for the rest of the match. “Sideboarding” is also unrestricted, so players that win the first game will be able to side cards into their deck for their second game, but will have to play with the same class they did in the first game.

Players are reminded to please update their DGL profiles to include their game and Battletag, so as to make the process as easy as possible for the Summer Leg.

Since there are no spectator capabilities in Hearthstone players are required to screenshot their victories as well, so make sure you are vigilant so that no problems occur.

The groups for the Hearthstone DGL Summer Leg should make themselves clear later in the week, with the League beginning as of next week.

To read the full rules and regulations, simply follow the link below:

DGL Hearthstone Rules and Regulations

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