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Hearthstone Breakthrough Playoffs Underway

The Hearthstone Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg Breakthrough Playoffs get underway today, with 32 participants ready to fight for their right to a First Division spot.

The Breakthrough Summer Leg Playoffs consists of four groups of eight players, with only the top four players of each group making it to the First Division for the Winter Leg once the Playoffs are over. The bottom four players in each group at the end of the Summer Playoffs will make up part of the Second Division for the Winter Leg.

Even though the players in the Breakthrough Playoffs may not have won their group during the Summer Leg, do not be fooled into thinking that the standard of play is any less than the best, as the groups are a regular “who’s who” of competitive DGL players from all areas and even includes Martin “Skunkzy” Wing, one of the few players to reach Legendary rank in South Africa.

The Breakthrough Playoffs are a round robin format, so players will have seven matches each to complete before the Playoffs come to a close on 4 May. Players are asked to be vigilant in organising their matches so that problems don’t arise towards the end of the Playoffs.

To check out the groups for the Hearthstone Breakthrough Playoffs, follow the link below:

Hearthstone Breakthrough Playoffs

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