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Alleged Half Life 2: Episode 4 Screens

Since the release of Half Life 2: Episode 2 back in 2007, fans have been desperately awaiting the third instalment of the franchise and the chance to carry on Gordon Freeman’s legacy. Well now, according to ValveTime, screenshots of, not Episode 3 but rather Episode 4 have been discovered buried deep beneath the Half Life rumour mill.

Half Life 2: Episode 4, or ‘Return to Ravenholm’, was allegedly in development way back when by Arkane Studios, the same studio that brought you Dishonoured – before being cancelled.

The images show off the familiar environments and art style of the Half Life experience but a HUD element indicated by “Absorption” is present in the bottom left of the screenshots with no available information on what it could mean.

ValveTime suggests that the screens are legitimate but fail to cite any credible source. However, this isn’t the first time ‘Return to Ravenholm’ has popped up. A year ago, Valve writer Marc Laidlaw told LambdaGeneration that such a project was in development at the studio. He mentioned that some ideas had been discussed between Valve and Arkane, but ultimately the project was scrapped.

Where art thou Half Life 3...?

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