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Half Life - Singularity Collapse

Leonard Menchiari, Half-Life 2 Director has created a very impressive Half Life short film. The film: Half Life - Singularity Collapse consists of a collection of audio and video clips from Half-Life 2.

This short film is the latest in a series of fan made films including Beyond Black Mesa and Escape from City 17. Check out the Half Life - Singularity Collapse short film below.

Also see the Beyond Black Mesa short film, which is in independent short film inspired by the Half-Life video game series. This film centers around Adrian Shepard and a band of resistance fighters struggling to sound their warning about an incoming invasion.

Escape from City 17 was directed by The Purchase Brothers, the film was filmed with no crew and it was reported that the first two episodes were created with a budget of $500. Valve, “blown away” by the project, flew the brothers out to Seattle.

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