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My First Win in FIFA 13

David Rutter, the executive producer of FIFA 13, sat in front of gamers at the behind-closed doors session at EA talking about the differences between previous FIFA’s and FIFA 13.

The obvious things many gamers may have already seen, but Rutter felt the need to emphasise three of the most important changes.

The First Control Touch is something implemented in this FIFA in order to portray the realism of the game by saying that even the best players will sometimes not be able to control their first touch.

Attacking Intelligence is another “buzz line” from the FIFA developers and it has to do with both defenders and attackers making smart calls and decisions to intercept through-passes to attackers, or for attackers themselves to move into a space to allow for passes.

The third thing was the new Complete Dribbling which seems to crop up every year. Although it is quite different this time around, it is just basically more of an advanced version of previous dribbling iterations and players will be able to instantly notice it when playing the game.

EA Sports has also now announced the introduction of Skill Games which often crop up during load screens and the arena where players will need to practise dribbling between posts or hitting small targets on particular parts of the goal to earn skill or EA Sports Football Club Credits (with your Be a Pro).

The credits can actually be earned all the time that gamers play whether they are just starting FIFA up or beating a difficult opponent online. The credits can be use to unlock items throughout the game to be put to use on players and teams while playing.

The Match Day Live Service is also something brand new to the game and will implement live updates from the weekends of football in real life and be able to provide accurate statistics on form for certain players. It will be able to increase stats on the fly if a player is in fine form for the last few football weekends or lower stats when they have a run of bad form.

The first thing players will notice when jumping into a game of FIFA 13 is that it’s a little more difficult to string passes together. For some reason, the First Touch Control makes a pretty vast difference on the game and at first you will sit there and wonder why it was implemented. At the point of the start of the second half of your first game, you will see why it’s been implemented and will wonder how you played FIFA 12 without it. It adds such a vast realism factor and makes it feel more authentic as time goes on.

It did take some getting used to at first but I was able to win my first game against someone from the UK and beat them 4 – 0 with some of the newer players in the Liverpool squad.

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