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FIFA 13 Career Mode Features

It seems that EA Sports have been listening to the fans for the most part as a list of features in the upcoming Career Mode for FIFA 13 have been highlighted.

According to the FIFA Soccer blog, a lot of changes have been made to the Career Mode and some of the new features address a lot of the issues that gamers may have had before in past FIFA games.

The blog states that you will now be able to manage International teams as your reputation in Career Mode grows. This will be in addition to the club side that you are already playing with. The performance and reputation will dictate the quality of International offers received as well as the nationality you choose when configuring your manager. The International management will have a separate Career Mode ‘Hub’ that will keep things separate, but they will run in parallel with the club game as well.

Players will now interact more regularly with the manager and the feedback from them will be instant based on the managerial decisions. The stories for players can go on for months now and will apply to both club and International teams.

In-game, players will get to experience the new audio updates that will be updated live as the games are played. It will include coverage of goals, red cards and penalties. This will be customisable though so should players not want to hear specific things, they can adjust them.

Perhaps one of the best things about the new FIFA 13 features is that the transfer system has been completely re-coded. Players will be able to offer cash as well as a trade in order to get another player. When offered by the CPU, players will now be able to “Counter Offer” instead of just accepting or rejecting the deal. Before signing a player, managers will need to decide on what type of player the transfer will be such as “Future Star” and gamers can make enquiries about the availability of players instead of just signing them.

In terms of customisation, the manager that the players play as will appear on the side-line of the field and has some options with customisation on when and where to appear. Players will also be able to view jobs during the season allowing gamers to change clubs whenever they feel the need. Gamers will also have the ability to edit players during the Career Mode which will give them a new appearance instead of sticking with the players throughout the process of the entire season.

The FIFA Soccer Blog has a preview of FIFA 13 that highlights all the features above.

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