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EA Signs Tottemham for FIFA 13

EA and Tottenham Hotspurs have agreed to a three-year partnership that makes EA Sports the official video game partners of the English Premier League club.

This doesn’t mean that you will see Tottenham running around in EA Sports gear, but what it does mean is that while the Spurs are in New York, EA will be conducting 3D head scans of the players which will enable the FIFA development team to capture high-quality and authentic 3D digital player models for future versions of FIFA.

Together, EA and Tottenham will create a deeper connection with the passionate, global fan base and use the game platform to engage Spurs fans. Both will also be developing a range of initiatives across the wide media channels. There will also be a special Tottenham Hotspur game packaging sleeve for FIFA 13 that gamers will be able to download via the official website.

EA Sports adds Tottenham Hotspurs to the seven teams that it has already entered into a contract with. Other Premier League clubs that have signed with EA are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Newcastle and Manchester City.

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