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Two Top Log in FIFA 13 PC

Two players top the log in the FIFA 13 PC Telkom Do Gaming League 2013 Winter Leg Premier Playoffs as Bradley ‘Bradku’ Steenberg and Vincent ‘HoboSkills777’ Reid lose only one game each throughout the playoffs.

Steenberg’s loss came at the hands of Lloyd ‘The_Solution’ Hung in the first week of the Playoffs as Hung won the first game with Man City, lost the second with Germany and finished Steenberg off in the third with Bayern Munich. Steenberg recovered well though by winning the remaining games in the playoffs while Hung went down to both Reid and Chris ‘Evax’ Noble later on in the playoffs.

Reid on the other hand, lost his only game to Steenberg, a match which could have changed the log if it had gone differently. As a result of these games, both Steenberg and Reid finish top of the log with 10 points each and guarantee themselves a spot in the Premier Division for the next leg.

Breakthrough Playoffs

Two players also topped the log in the Breakthrough Playoffs as Wonga ‘WONGA99’ Denga and Francois ‘Cooper’ de Sousa top the log with 16 points apiece. Not far behind them though were Blaine ‘Blaine_za’ Ritter and Yongama ‘BossYogi’ Nxiweni who came in with 14 points each. It looks like Ritter will move on with Dengi and de Sousa into the First Division though for the next season because Ritter took down Nxiweni in their head to head game. Those three will be joining the rest of the group in the Premier Playoffs for the next season.

The top four of the Breakthrough Playoffs will qualify for the 2013 Telkom Do Gaming Championships next month and will need to confirm attendance on this page.

Qualified FIFA 13 PC Telkom DGC Competitors

- DvGǂSmurFyZA
-nAv | Shadow
-DAA | MistT

Competitors must please ensure they have confirmed attendance on the DGL page below. Even if you do not qualify, there is still a chance you could attend based on the number of qualified players that confirm attendance.

DGL Confirmation of Attendance

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