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Far Cry 3 Impressive Hands-On

Ubisoft opened its doors to a free-roaming hands-on at GamesCom this year with Far Cry 3 with no time wasted on presentations or lectures, just the chance to get as much game-time as possible.

From what I saw in the hands-on, I was incredibly impressed with Far Cry 3 and the game looks fantastic even though it was running on console which some may argue may not look as good as PC.

My hands-on was limited to a certain part of the open-world situation and the entire game is put into a first-person perspective. I was able to do a number of things that I actually wanted to do in the game which led to me to enjoying it even more.

Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3

The first thing I did was become accustomed to the controls and I was able to map out an area I wanted to go to and also plan an attack route for the first communications tower I wanted to hit. The map contains a whole bunch of these towers and they provide sight to the minimap once the scrambler has been disabled on them.

After a short drive with a stolen jeep and a couple of silenced take-downs with the composite bow I had, I was able to move inside and claim the area. Following this, the locals move into the area and it becomes a friendly zone. This came into play a little later as I attacked yet another area but this time the locals were on a natural patrol, saw some enemies and then ended up taking out most of them so I didn’t have to.

Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3

I moved on, picked up loot and new weapons and visited the shop to grab some upgrades for my guns, something which plays an integral part in the Far Cry 3 world. After moving to my next location, yet another communication tower, the developer told me that I would be able to open up a cage to unleash a bear into the little village. I ended up sneaking around for a while and put an arrow into the lock which broke it and the bear was able to move around freely. The bear assisted me in two or three kills but then was struck down as a lot more reinforcements came to help. These reinforcements didn’t appreciate my presence and were then able to gun me down as well.

On my second attempt at the same village, I moved through the other side of the forest to approach from a different angle and this time was taken by surprise. A rogue tiger leaped out of the bushes and pretty much killed me instantly. I was shocked, the developer was laughing and the game was silently mocking me.

Getting mauled by a rather angry cat Getting mauled by a rather angry cat

The conclusion that I came to at the end of the demo was that Far Cry 3 is definitely something to look out for this year. It may have taken a back seat in some gamers' minds because there has been a lot of activity in the last few months that may spark the imagination of gamers but I’m here to tell you that Far Cry 3 is definitely something that is going to be great to play. Not only is it fantastic to look at, it’s a lot of fun.

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