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E3 2012: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is something that many gamers have been talking about a lot and are looking forward to. With what has been on show at E3 it seems that many have not been wrong about the title.

Far Cry is and always has been open-world and Far Cry 3 is no different. If you see a mountain in the distance, chances are you will be able to get there. Ubisoft have included a number of new additions to the series as well as strong characters that will be able to filter through into the storyline.

Gamers play as Jason Brody who is stranded with a group of 20-somethings on an island. After they are lured to the island and captured, Brody escapes and survives. The only choice gamers then have is to become a survivalist amidst the complete madness of Vass, the antagonist, and will spend some time chasing him down to try and quash the insanity happening on the island.

The developers have said that the character of Jason Brody will unfold as the story goes on and this plays very nicely with the harmony of the game as well. There are some melee combo kills that can be performed with the addition of chaining kills together. Gamers will be able to make use of fire once again and vehicles have also returned. Players will be able to jump down from an area onto an enemy with a quick, killing strike and then move onto the next to chain things together, making the game more fast-paced and fluid.

Far Cry 3 has been designed to provide a complete 360 degree approach to the way gamers choose things in games. Should a player wish to sit in the jungle and snipe from the distance, gamers should soon expect the enemy AI to flush them out with molotovs or wild dogs, so the AI has been revealed to be pretty intelligent.

There is a serious storyline at heart in Far Cry 3 and the developers are not wasting time with meaningless things. Each and every thing or aspect revealed in the demo at E3 will be explained in full with the full game and everything is designed to mean something at some point in time.

Far Cry 3 will be released in September on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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