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Far Cry 3 Shows Some South Africa Love

Maybe it’s just the in-thing now to get South Africa involved in your projects as this seems to be a trend right now and Far Cry 3 goes along with that trend.

There are a couple of sections that gamers may see in Far Cry 3 where local band, Die Antwoord, has some of its music played. When all the captives on the island are at a club, you can hear “I Fink you Freeky” while on the dance floor as well as at a later stage when you get tangled up with Vaas. Check out the video below where you can hear some of the music before the player heads towards a specific area. It may contain some spoilers but you need not watch the entire video. Oh and it’s also in French.

It’s great to see Ubisoft celebrating South African culture once again, if you can call Die Antwoord culture. But Ubisoft also did something similar in Far Cry 2 where the natives on the island spoke Afrikaans as the game takes place in modern-day Central Africa.

Another thing that is fun about Far Cry 3 is trophy hunting. I’m not just talking about hunting down animals for skins to upgrade your bags and wallets, I’m talking about actual trophy hunting. There is a trophy that relates directly to one of the Far Cry Experience videos which stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’ from Superbad).

Gamers who venture to the south-eastern side of the island can find the head of Mintz-Plasse buried in the sand. It’s a trophy for gamers to unlock the achievement as well as a reference for the fans who followed the Far Cry Experience videos on YouTube.

Winner chosen!

The winner of Far Cry 3 for PC as part of our 12 Days 'til Christmas competition has been drawn and it is:

Nick 'hydr0' Wilkins.

The question was: Which South African music entertainment group is featured in the game?

The answer: Die Antwoord.

Congratulations Nick! Please make sure your postal and contact details are correct on our system. Your prize is on its way to you. Thanks to Megarom for sponsoring the prize!

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