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F1 2011 Announced

Codemasters has announced that the next instalment in its Formula 1 racing series is headed for a release date in South Africa in late September.

The game will be coming out on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and there will also be a different version with the same name coming to Nintendo 3DS and Sony NGP. Each version is supposedly designed to take advantage of each platform's features.

In addition to this, Codemasters is running a competition which offers gamers a chance to fly to the UK at the Codemasters studios in Birmingham to play the game. In order to enter, all gamers need to do is ask a question for the Quality & Assessment team. It can be any kind of question relating to the game.

Gamers need to go to the Formula 1 Facebook page, like the page and fill in their contact details as well as a link to the YouTube clip with the question asked.

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